Thursday, September 19, 2013

What to do as a camp counselor?

Campcounselor is the one that is responsible to be with the campers during the summer camp. In America over 90% of the teenagers are involved in the summer camp employment in different sorts of camps organized each year usually in summer vacations.

There are many organizationslike camp staff that claim to get you placed at one of the over 900 summer camps organized in United States. This is the opportunity for which most of the teenagers run in the summer vacations as it has many benefits.
Despite of enjoying the vacation in trek, adventures, camping and fun activities, one gets to earn as much as $1845. The job vacancies that are offered are usually the camp counselors and the support staff required at the camp. These include the kitchen staff, management, helpers, cleaning staff etc.
Campcounselors are more common and most of the people get attracted to thus as it let you earn more money and respect. Being a councilor will require you to spend the time with the campers and look after them.

Campers are usually the kids from the ages 8 to 16 years old. You have to take care of them as they are away from the home and act like their parents ensuring that they don’t face any difficulty in the time they are spending on the camp. There are two types of camp counselors.
One is the general camp counselor who is responsible for looking over the overall activities of the camp ensuring that everyone is following the schedules and performing their tasks easily. They are responsible to look after the children and the other councilors that they are getting food on time and are carrying out each activity in the decided time.
Camp staff offers another type of councilor job as well. In this type, you will have to teach a certain skill to the campers. In short, you are going to be a teacher or trainer. The skill can be anything you are good at like cooking, arts, fencing, driving, swimming, dancing, dramatics and as many as you can think of.

All you need to do is to apply through the online registration form and convince the interviewer regarding your talent and that you have ability to teach the campers about that skill. You will not only earn money but will feel great when the kids will honor you. 

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